Creativity must be exercised regularly, that's how it grows.

This is why there is not one day when I don't exercise it. Either with design or art, constant creative growth is fundamental for good professionals.

Design gets me. I get design, And that´s how the gears in my life work smoothly and happily.

I graduated at the University of Buenos Aires as a Graphic Designer, and later on I got a masters degree in Strategic Design Management. I've been working as a professional of design for the past 7 years in many different industries and countries, among which is United Kingdom, Spain and Argentina.

Among the many clients I've worked with there are renowned brands such as Volvo, Jaguar, Aptar Group, Los Creadores, Volkswagen and Land Rover. I've had the pleasure of making beautiful designs for websites, mobile apps, video games, editorial and branding, both in print and digital formats. I have also worked as a design and project manager in a few different roles, mentoring new designers.

Bring me challenges. Bring me ambitions. And I will dive into it and come back with the best solution.